3 Basic Tips for Decorating with Throw Pillows

CEMAVI 3 Basic Tips for Decorating with Throw Pillows

The mighty throw pillow is one of the most powerful home accessories in the world! We consider it to be our favorite 'quick fix' when it comes to home decor and an excellent investment for those short on time. 

After all, a simple pillow swap can completely change the look of your home in a matter of minutes!

There are, however, a few simple rules to keep in mind when using decorative throw pillows and scatter cushions to transform your living room. We've gathered the most basic of them to help you find your way in the wonderful world of cushions!


1. Never match your throw pillows to your couch

This is a basic as a tip can get when it comes to cushions: never pair them to your sofa! If your new three seater came with a set of matching pillows, you'd be wise to get rid of them right away. Nothing good can ever come of factory matched cushions!

Decorative elements such as throws or cushions are meant to form a bridge between all the colors, patterns and motifs in a given room. If they simply match your sofa, you'll end up with a room void of character and personality.


CEMAVI Sofa Setting Example

Never match your throw pillows and cushion covers to your sofa!


Throw pillows are the perfect tools to impose your own style and personality on your favorite room. They allow you to have fun with home decor, mix-and-matching textures, colors and patterns in any way you like.

So, never forget the first rule of pillow club: use decorative cushions to tie a room together, but never limit their look to that of your couch. 


2. Base your amount of decorative cushions on the style of room you aim for

Never underestimate the power of decorative throws and cushion covers. They can completely transform any given room!

It's therefore wise to first take a good look at the space you're decorating. What style will you aim for? What color palette will you base your decisions on?

A more traditional style is best complemented by an even number of cushions. One of the most effective ways to accomplish a traditional design is by planting two solid, monochromatic cushions of equal size on either end of the couch. You can then place two smaller, patterned throw pillows in front of the monochromatic ones. 

Cemavi Prince of Orange & Sumer Petals

Use solid, monochromatic cushions as anchor points when aiming for a traditional look.


For a more modern and varied approach, we recommend using an odd number of cushions. You can go for three or even five completely different throw pillows, provided they all stay true to your chosen color palette. Mix sizes and textures for an even more eclectic result! 

CEMAVI Tropical Banana Leaf and Yellow Cushion Covers

Combine various patterns & styles for a more eclectic result. Stay true to your color palette!

The second rule of pillow club: base your number of throw pillows on the style you are aiming for!


3. Change your throw pillows with the seasons

A simple yet very effective tip. In order to truly introduce the spirit of the season to your home, you need to change your cushion covers on a regular basis. It's the cheapest way to change the look of your home in no time!

Summer calls for bright and bold colors. Floral and exotic prints are perfect for the year's warmest season as well, adding a touch of nature to your home. Botanical prints will also work well in Spring, as it is the season when flowers bloom! 

Cemavi Summer Cushions

Summer & Spring require bright, bold colors and playful patterns or floral motifs.


When it comes to Autumn and Winter, darker more 'earthlike' tones usually dominate the market. Sombre colors such as dark green, Bordeaux and maroon work wonders with the outside view. Warm, dark colors will also introduce a much-needed glow to your home, instilling a cozy feeling during those cold winter nights.

CEMAVI Autumn Blue Cushion Covers

Earthlike tones and warm colors are perfect for those dreary Autumn days!


The third and final rule of pillow club: change your cushions based on the seasons!


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