4 Reasons Why You Should Decorate with Cactus Prints!

Cemavi 4 Reasons for Cactus Prints


Cactus prints are very popular and trendy. With good reason, as the prickly plant looks great on many home decor accessories. Have you considered using cacti in your home? Well, you should!

The cactus has always been an interesting symbol in stories. In classic westerns, the prickly plant often makes an appearance in dusty desert landscapes to show how desolate and ominous the setting really is. In Native American culture, the cactus is mostly featured in paintings, representing serenity and escapism.

It's clear that this beloved greenery has a lot of potential. But why should you display cactus prints in your home?


1. It's great to finally be able to hug a Cactus!

Cacti are lovely plants that are nice to look at. They do have one downside: they're prickly! This makes them impossible to hold closely, touch them or even hug them. As dedicated huggers, this is a complete turn-off for us! 

A cactus cushion forms the perfect solution to this problem. You get the best of both worlds: it looks great and forms the ideal centerpiece to your couch or sofa, while simultaneously being soft to touch.

You can, therefore, hug them as much as you want!


Cactus Cushion Covers Are Ideal to Hug!

Cactus Throw Pillows lend visual interest to any setting!


2. They're Low Maintenance

Cacti plants are very resilient and easy to take care of. They don't need much water, but they do require plenty of sunlight and preferably a warm climate. 

If you feel that a cactus plant is still too much work (e.g. you constantly forget to water the plant at all)  or you live in a colder climate with not a lot of sun, you might want to look at an alternative.

Enter the magnificent cactus cushion. You won't need to water this shrubbery at all, and it doesn't matter how cold your house is. Just wrap it around an insert and place it on your favorite couch, sofa or lounge chair. It's all good!


Cactus Cushion Cover

Here we see a Cactus Throw Pillow in its natural habitat, browsing a home decor magazine!


3. They make a Bold Fashion Statement

Let's be honest, cactus prints, patterns, and designs aren't for everyone. They're not a safe bet, nor are they a classic choice you can easily pair with a monochromatic cushion for optimal (but safe!) results.

The prickly plant pattern is an audacious symbol, a product of westernalia that has been adopted by trendsetters such as Madonna (in her early 2000's Don't Tell Me video) and Jeremy Scott (in his 2012 Spring Collection). 

If you feel like being adventurous, then a couple of cute cactus cushion covers will help you define a daring, personal style for your home that will blow the minds of your visitors!

You can e.g. mix-and-match a green/blue cactus with a bold, vibrant color like our Prince of Orange or a more straightforward Nautilus Navy.

In the example below, we have paired some of our cacti throw pillows with black and white geometric patterns for a gutsy, unique look. Feel free to use the stylesheet to make your own combinations!


Cemavi Succulents and Black and White Geometric Throw Pillows

Cactus Prints are easy to work with and provide the most amazing results!


4.  Cactus Cushion Covers are Just Too Much Fun!

Sometimes you don't need a lot of reasons to do something. You just end up doing it because it's fun and it just feels right. And let's face it: there's always room for a bit more fun in our lives, right?

If being stylish, on-trend, durable and low maintenance hasn't convinced you yet, then maybe plain old fun is the reason for you to adopt a cuddly prickly plant today. We guarantee that you won't regret it!

But don't just take our word on it. Let the picture below be your proof!


Cactus Cushion Covers on Couch

Cactus Cushions are well known to make you experience 'la vie en rose'.

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