5 Clever Tips for Selecting the Right Color



You've worked your way through a pile of paint samples and color swatches. Friends and family members have given their professional opinions on which shades work and - more realistically - which don't.

Yet here you are: absolutely flabbergasted, completely stuck in your search for the right color palette. You've become a color commitment-phobe

Don't worry, we have 5 helpful tips that will help you find your color match! 


1. Shop in your closet

Interior design and fashion are closely linked. So feel free to get inspired by your favorite summer dress, the one that gets you all those looks, a flashy sweater or your most trendy top. 

If your wardrobe is patterned, then you already own a powerful color palette that can help decorate your entire home. The hues featured within your collection of clothes can be the foundation of your whole interior design strategy, using a mix and match system in various rooms.

If most of your clothes feature one solid color, then this shade will be the backbone of your design plans. Take a look at the colors of your accessories: whatever you use to match your main shade, can be a complimentary color for your home.

Tip: Red is a powerful, solid color that can evoke a warm 'at home' feeling and form a strong backbone for your home decor. 


2. Use your favorite piece as inspiration

We all have our favorite piece of furniture: the cozy couch that lets us doze off in front of the tv, a classy red lounge chair that easily draws all attention or a soft patterned sofa with its frivolous design.

Think about that one item you automatically gravitate towards and the feeling it invokes. It doesn't matter whether it's a flea market find or an exclusive designer piece: it will let you know exactly how you want the rest of your home to feel.

Use the color or pattern of your favorite piece and scale it up to a complete room or even the whole house. It will result in a very personal style that will make you truly feel at home.

Tip: When choosing cushions to decorate your sofa, it is best to pick cushion cover colors that compliment your furniture instead of replicating it. You want them to stand out, not to drown!


3. Color Swatches are your friends

Color swatches and paint chips are extremely useful when trying to find the right color for your room and your cushion covers. As more and more people find their inspiration for home design online, we recommend using online color swatches to help you in your quest. 

An example of an online color swatch can be found here.

A color swatch is the perfect tool to create a suitable color scheme for your favorite room. We recommend choosing a maximum of two solid colors to carry your color scheme. You can then combine these solid hues with various patterns that carry elements of your chosen colors in them. 

Just make sure not to choose conflicting colors as the backbone of your design scheme. A light, verdant green cushion cover and a fabulous, vibrant orange one are both beautiful cushions on their own, but together they clash horribly!

Tip: It can be very handy to know a thing or two on how to use a basic color wheel. It will not only make it easier for you to identify the color schemes you want, but to also narrow down your color swatches search.


4. Get inspired!

When searching for a color that fits the latest on-trend look, you first need to figure out what that latest trend is! 

This is where you need to get inspired. Take a trip downtown to your favorite furniture store and look at the displays. What colors do they use? Is there perhaps a central theme or color that connects the various displays? Pay close attention to the decorative pillows and scatter cushions: they always form the backbone of a room and its color scheme

After you've taken a trip offline, it's time to start your journey online. Websites such as Pinterest and Instagram are perfect tools to discover the latest interior design trends. Through social media channels, you can also see which color schemes are being shared and praised all over the world. Even our little website can help you get inspired with its varied range of cushion covers.

Use these channels to find your main foundation amongst the most prevalent colors. Other, often-liked hues can obviously be used as accents to compliment your mainstay. 

Tip: Color Snap is an interesting, free tool from Sherwin-Williams that transforms any image into a color palette. It is extremely helpful to identify the exact color shades used in a certain setting. 


5. Have fun and keep it personal!

It's no use to stick to the latest trends in cushion covers and home decor when you don't actually like them. Green or blue might be the prevalent colors at a certain point of time, but that doesn't mean you can't go for red, orange or anything else your heart desires!

Decorating your house to turn it into your home, should be a fun experience. Decorative cushions and throw pillows are meant to add a touch of personal style and flair to your home, not to make you a slave to the latest trends.

That's why we at Cemavi believe in having fun when decorating. Don't second guess yourself and go with your gut feeling. Who knows what kind of interesting combinations you'll be able to pull off?

Start with your favorite color and apply them to your decorative cushion covers & scatter pillows, the foundation of every room. Before you know it, you'll have a room that perfectly matches your personal style.

And from there, you can take it anywhere

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