A Cool Color Combination: Tribal & Geometric Patterns

CEMAVI Cool Colors and Tribal Geometric Combination


Light and bright colors are still all the rage when it comes to a stylish, modern home. We first saw this aesthetic on the hit HGTV show Love it or List it, and fell in love almost immediately with its pure simplicity and instant appeal.

Today we would, therefore, like to share with you some of our favorite cushion covers to help you pull off this magnificent look and give your home a complete make over!

Cemavi Cool Summer Cushions

Bright colors paired with geometric patterns create a stylish, modern look.


Cool, bright colors are ideally paired with modern forms and shapes. Think of wavy lines, geometric patterns, triangular shapes and diamond motifs next to a bold blue cushion or a striking yellow pillow.

For a more unconventional look, we recommend experimenting with tribal patterns. Our Adama throw pillow cover e.g. forms a perfect couple with the striking Blue Leaf cushion cover. Add the Yellow Diva for an extra taste of summer.

Cemavi Cool Color Cushion Combinations

Our Cool Colors and Tribal Geometric Patterns style sheet


Cool summer colors offer a glistening, clean aesthetic. Combined with geometric patterns, they offer a splendid coastal vibe.

Imagine: the feeling of the bright blue sea stretching out for miles in front of you, while you're surrounded by the wavy, almost sunny dunes. All of this in the comfort of your own home, all year long!

Blue Leaf Cushion Cover Cemavi

Our Blue Leaf Cushion cover offers a tropical and clean aesthetic.


Geometric Cushion Covers

Combining the right colors and patterns can create strong visual imagery!




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