Cozy Autumn Home Decor Ideas for 2017!

Autumn Home Decor Ideas

Get your booklists in order. Dust off that teapot and get the chocolate out of the cupboard. It's time to snuggle up on a comfortable couch with a good book in hand, a cup of hot cocoa nearby, and a thick blanket to keep your toes warm. The cozy season is here!

We absolutely adore the autumn season. Its magical range of golden and crimson colors, complemented by the neutral hues of wood browns make it undeniably the most picturesque season!

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While summer was all about basking in the sun and enjoying the warm outdoor breeze, autumn is the season to look inwards. It's the most wonderful time of the year, and a perfect time to focus on building your own cozy cove at home!

To help you reach that goal; we have gathered our own top autumn home decor picks. With these, you'll be enjoying that heavenly haven in no time with friends and family! 

Wood and Wicker

Adding wooden home decor pieces to your living space is like bringing the beauty of the great outdoors into your home. Wooden bowls and table centerpieces are a quick and easy way to add a dash of style to your living room without breaking the bank!

If you're not afraid of spending a bit more, you can choose to update your end and coffee tables. A delicately crafted wooden coffee table will easily transform your living room into a gorgeous salon!

Some of our favorite home accessory pieces are the various types of blanket baskets made of wicker. You can opt for a country style basket or, if you're like us and prefer international flair, select a tribal style design and show your love for authentic craftsmanship!

Wood and Wicker Autumn Home Decor Ideas

Velvet and Brass

While we're completely obsessed with gorgeous wooden textured home decorations, we do have a weak spot for velvet and brass. We cherish this combination as it never fails to deliver.
Brass, with its bright brilliant hues, reflects the golden colors of autumn while velvet compliments this very on trend metal like butter on toast. Together; the pair brings elegance and sophistication to any living space.

Vases and planters in brass are very in-trend home decor for the fall season. Picking your own style for the fall season won't be difficult as all the big retailers will carry plenty of new designs to choose from. But if you like to go the extra mile, a trip to a flea market might help you track down those precious vintage planters with their unique look.

Velvet is often synonymous with expensive, but it doesn't need to be that way. You can add smaller furniture items such as velvet ottomans and poufs to your favorite space. And if you already have one? Then a velvet pouf cover can also do the trick! 

Velvet and Brass Autumn Home Decor Ideas*The gorgeous brass and velvet ottoman is by Numéro 111 from Eno Studio.


Throws and Throws

Lastly; let's not forget our cuddly cushion buddies! They are an absolute must for a truly cozy living room and a budget-friendly way to restyle your home for the new season!

Cushions and throw pillows are also the best home decor pieces to add color and patterns to your living room. Change the print and colors as often as you like or base them on the season; the choice is up to you!

Before we wrap up our fall home decor picks, there's one more piece of news we want to share with you. We are adding decorative throw blankets to our line! Below is a sneak peak of the first designs we will be offering. They fully match our autumn cushion cover collections.

Throw Pillows and Throw Blankets Autumn Home Decor Ideas

Stay tuned to our Black Friday + Cyber Monday Sale and get them with good discounts and savings!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

We hope our favorite autumn home decor picks will give you some ideas on how to decorate your home for the fall season. Just remember, while its good to stay on-trend and to get inspired by many different sources, it's always better to follow your own style. C'est ma maison. C'est ma vie!

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