Buying Cushion Covers Online: our Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Cemavi Buyers Guide to Buying Cushion Covers Online

Cushion covers and throw pillow cases are an excellent and affordable way to accessorize any room with your own personal style. They make redecorating simple and change the look of any home instantly because of their versatile nature. Customizing and revitalizing old furniture is another possibility with these beauties. 

Selecting the right decorative cushion can be a daunting task, however, as there are so many different styles, variations, and colors to mix and match. This is why we have created a comprehensive guide to help you find your ideal style.


The Three Basic Cushion Rules 

Let's start with three simple guidelines that form the foundation of any quest for cushions.  

1. Avoid matching your decorative pillow cases to the color scheme of your couch. Make sure to pick a design and color that compliments your sofa, instead of merely duplicating its look. 

2. Select your color scheme based on the other fabrics and accent pieces in your room. We advise you to limit yourself to 2 or 3 colors, in order to create a clear theme for the room. 

3. Pick cushions you know you will enjoy. Cushions are meant to be looked at, held tightly (scary movies, anyone?) and used for all sorts of purposes (like an impromptu dinner tray when our favorite series is on!). Selecting something you love is also the perfect way to flaunt your personal style!


Selecting the right color palette

Throw pillows and cushions are the most versatile decor pieces to brighten up a room and add color to it. We like to say that they make a living room come truly alive. 

The basis for your color scheme is formed by picking two to three central colors. They will form the foundations of your room's theme and will allow you to create contrasting accents or color coordinate all of your furnishings. 

Once you have selected your basic colors, it is time to ensure that your most essential decorative pieces compliment them. This means your cushion covers, curtains and any decorative rugs or carpets.

Complimenting the colors of your curtains and cushions, in particular, will have a great impact on any room. It will allow you to turn the dullest of set ups into a comfortable and colorful haven.

Using bold and vibrant colors is especially recommended when trying to revitalize old furniture. An old, dull leather sofa or a basic armchair will come alive when paired with bright and lively colors (like red or yellow cushions). 

Are you looking for a warm and cozy look? Selecting neutral colors will help you achieve that style. 


Picking the perfect material

Cushion covers come in various shapes, sizes and materials. One of the cheapest materials is Polyester as it is easy to manufacture, maintain and use because of its tendency to hold the shape well.

Polyester is a bad choice, however, when you are looking for an organic and nature-friendly material. This is why we choose linen, cotton or a blend of both as the main material for our decorative pillow cases.

Cotton is a material that is easy to maintain while adding elegance to a room. Pure cotton fabric is known to shrink and wrinkle over time, so it is best to iron the cover preemptively after each wash to help it keep its shape. 

Linen is a natural fiber that is widely regarded as the best quality, natural fabric. Easy to wash and maintain, linen cushion covers are known for their crisp and vibrant colors that make any room come to life.

Both linen and cotton cushion covers are extremely durable and long lasting. This makes them the best materials for both functions of a cushion cover: to protect and to decorate. 

Velvet, silk and satin are some of the most elegant materials for any decorative throw pillow and cushion cover. Compared to linen and cotton, however, they are expensive and difficult to clean. Raw silk will also shrink considerably as you wash the cover, making it less desirable for regular use.


General Maintenance

Taking care of your cushion covers and throw pillows is a straightforward task that fully depends on the material they are made of and whether the cover is removable or not. 

The general rule of thumb is that polyester, linen and cotton cushion covers are machine washable unless mentioned otherwise on the cleaning tag.

The cleaning tag will list any cleaning restrictions. A letter e.g. W will signify that the cover can be washed with water, while an S means that a dry cleaning solvent can be used.

It's helpful to note that more expensive materials, such as leather, velvet, silk, and satin can only be dry cleaned and therefore never with water. The same rule applies for covers with delicate decorations such as embroidery, monograms, and beading. 

The best way to dry a cushion cover after washing it is outside in natural sunlight or in a cool, dry spot at home. Avoid using a dryer as this will most likely result in shrinkage. 

For more detailed instructions on how to take care of your cushion covers, visit our blog to read our comprehensive set of cleaning tips and tricks. 


Important Final Tips to Consider when Purchasing Cushion Covers Online

  • Check whether an insert is included with the cover. Most people already possess pillow inserts and are only looking for a new cushion cover to update their decorating style. This is why we offer an insert as a separate purchase to our throw pillow covers. 
  • Cushion covers come in various sizes. The standard format for a decorative pillow is 45x45 cm (18x18 inches). 
  • Look for detailed and clear pictures when browsing shops online. Ideally, you'd like to zoom in and see as much detail as possible. The pattern and the color of the pillow will be central to your room, so choose wisely. We want you to be completely satisfied with the covers of your choice. To ensure that this happens, we offer a clear and easy exchange and returns policy for all purchases, allowing you to buy with complete peace of mind.


Congratulations, you are now ready to purchase your cushion covers online! Browse our varied selection of quality cushion covers and hand picked cushion sets today to create your style!

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