Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers

Cemavi Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers


We all have that friend who has a knack for making every space as beautiful as possible. Like our very own home-styling-fairy-god-mother, they can transform any space with a flick of a wand just by adding or re-arranging throw pillows on a sofa or (picture) frames on shelves.

It's as if they always know what they want and what you want, even if you don't know it yet. This means, of course, that their favorite holiday is Christmas, as it's the perfect time of the year for them to exercise their creativity by giving all their loved ones perfect gifts!

The annoying part of all this, is that you want to give them something that will make them equally happy; something as great as if they picked it themselves! But how do you pick the best gift for your best friend, your picky mom, your crazy sister or your favorite aunt/uncle who is a self-declared home interior enthusiast? 

Fear not, we will guide you through the process of picking a perfect present! The type of gift that'll make any home decor lover leap for joy.

Know Their Personal Style

There is no greater gift, than a personalized one fit for your taste and style. Afterall, it is always the thought that counts, and knowing that your gifter thought of you is the greatest feeling of all! So when gifting someone it is always best to know their personal style.

Every home decor enthusiast is likely to have a Pinterest or Instagram account. A quick look back at the styles they have posted will give you an idea if they prefer a more vintage or a more modern look, or whether they have a penchant for handmade crafts. Let this be your shopping guide!

Know What They Already Have

Pay them a visit to further your research about the style they like, but also to spy on the things they already have! There's no point in giving them the perfect piece of wall art when all of their walls are already covered in gorgeous pieces of art! Remember, a thoughtful gift is always something one wants and needs!

Regarding home decorations, it is important to gift something that will fit with the rest of the objects they already have. Take a mental note of their color schemes and themes!

Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers

So you know their style, you've seen their house but you still have no clue what particular item to get them? Here are a few gift ideas home decor lovers will always go crazy for!


Wall Art

A beautiful piece of wall art can brighten any empty wall. It can both be the central focus of a room or a perfect addition to the greater design scheme!

It's a very versatile piece of decoration as you can put anything up on the wall! It can be a beautifully composed black and white picture (perfect for photography enthusiasts!), a scenery of a favorite city (for friends who are travel junkies!), or a gorgeous illustration that your friend will surely love.

If your friend is renting and you are unsure if they are allowed to install hanging solutions, you can opt for a vinyl decal wall decoration instead.


Cemavi Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers - Wall Art

*This lovely Illustration called "In a Forest" is by renowned illustrator Gosia Herba. Get it on Etsy.


Candles and Tea Light Holders

Candles and tea lights create a warm, welcoming and magical atmosphere that is absolutely perfect for the Christmas season. It's a great gift idea for home decor lovers as it comes in a wide variety of scents and styles.

A beautifully crafted candle can make a perfect centerpiece for a lavishly decorated living room or a gorgeous wooden table, while tea lights with either LED or wax candles are perfect to set a cozy Christmas ambiance. 

Cemavi Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers - candles and tea lights

*This set of 3 Tree branch tea light holders is by ZwoodZ, a lovely Etsy shop that sells handmade rustic home decor accessories. 


Serving Trays

While mostly used for serving refreshments for guests (perfect for friends who love hosting parties!), serving trays can also serve as (part of a) decoration piece on either shelves or tables to hold items that you want to group together.

A serving tray will also work as a stylish and functional coffee table organizer to hold magazines and remote controls. But of course, you won't need to remind your home decor loving friend about this! 

Cemavi Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers - Serving Tray

*This Aztec inspired serving tray is perfect for the winter/autumn season. Sold at USD 20.42 by LondonFogTeaCompany, they sell anything about tea time from delicious scones and blended tea to serving trays.



Vases are a staple in the collection of any home decor enthusiast. Besides holding flowers, vases can also function in many other versatile ways!

Wide vases work well as planters for small indoor plants, while small vases can serve as the main focus of a group of elements in a stylish table centerpiece.

Vases are also perfect for adding interesting textures and colors to any room.

Cemavi Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Decor Enthusiasts - Vases*This 3 piece Vase set inspired by Scandinavian minimalist design is by ShadeonShape from Etsy. Their shop is very eye-catching with plenty of modern home decor accessories.



A great bookend is like the period of a beautiful sentence: it completes the thought.

Bookends are naturally perfect gifts for any bibliophile, but every home organizer and home decor enthusiast will love them as well. After all, they're not just great organizing tools, bookends bring character and style to your shelves and your room! 

In its own way, an attractive bookend can be a bold statement that reflects exquisite taste.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers - Bookends

*This lovely vintage brass figurine is by TroveCanada and is perfect as a bookend or paperweight. Sells at USD 12.21 and is currently with a 40% discount. Unfortunately, there's only limited stock left!


Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are a prime example of a very thoughtful gift. After all, they don't just add style and substance to a room, but they'll also keep your friend warm during those cold winter months!

Throw blankets are the perfect companions to gorgeous couches and stylish sofas. They also partner well with throw pillows: together they'll add texture and color to any living space as well as conjure up that cozy, extra warm feeling!


Cemavi Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers - Throw blankets

*Made from 100% cotton linen. Coming soon to our shop!

Throw Pillows

Throw pillow covers are the one item no home decor enthusiast can ever have too much of. They combine comfort and flair and are great for adding colors, patterns, and texture to any room!

They also come in different sizes and a wide variety of styles, so you are sure to find something that will match and compliment your friend's current interior tastes. We recommend adding cushion inserts if you don't know the size of their throw pillows. 

When looking for a finer quality and feel, opt for a cotton linen cover as they are made of natural fibers. It's a perfect gift idea for any home decor enthusiast that cares about the environment!

Cemavi Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers - Throw Pillows

Our gorgeous Apsara collection of cushion covers will be on sale during our Black Friday & Cyber Monday specials. The perfect gift for any true Home Decor lover!


Whatever gift you decide to go with, don't forget that in just a mere 9 days the Black Friday craze will once again sweep through all stores, both online and offline! A perfect opportunity to find that perfect gift for home decor lovers!

At Cemavi we will, therefore, be holding special promotions in the week leading up to Black Friday with exclusive deals for our members and blog readers, as well as a few crazy deals throughout the biggest shopping weekend of the year!

So stay tuned to our special Black Friday & Cyber Monday page and remain up to date with all of our latest promotions. After all, it's always better to get those gorgeous cushion covers with unique patterns on sale!

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