Our Top 3 Movie Picks for Halloween 2017

Cemavi Halloween Movie Picks


Happy Halloween everybody! Everyone's favorite 'scary' holiday is finally here and you know what that means: candy, more candy; carved pumpkins, kids dressed like Dracula at the door and, most importantly, scaaaaaary movies

What's more fun than getting comfortable on the couch with a few fitting cozy cushions and watching a decent horror flick? We sure can't think of anything! 

We at Cemavi are big fans of the horror genre and often happily enjoy the frightening film marathons or spooky specials that inevitably show up around Halloween. While we have seen our share of stinkers throughout the years, there have been a few gems that we didn't want to keep from you!

So without further ado: here are our top three Halloween movie picks for this year!


1. Oculus (2013)

A truly frightening movie that'll make you hug those aforementioned cushions, Oculus is one of those rare modern horror flicks that pushes the genre and brings something new to the table. The cinematography and camerawork are both outstanding, as shown in a few of its truly memorable scenes (can't give away which ones without spoiling the story!).

In Oculus, a determined woman sets out to clear her brother's name from the murder of their parents. A sinister, supernatural force is at large, operating from a broody and mysterious mirror that seems indestructible.

Can she clear his name before time runs out? You'll have to find out yourself!


Oculus Cemavi Movie Picks

The siblings don't know what they're in for in Oculus!


2. The Others (2001)

In recent years many great thriller and horror films have originated from the sunny country of Spain. One of the predecessors to these films was the Spanish-American cooperation entitled Los Otros (or The Others as it is known in the English speaking world).

An outstanding Nicole Kidman plays a lonely mother living with her two kids on the island of Jersey in a dark, classically English manor towards the end of the Second World War. The perfect setting for a masterpiece of the haunted house subgenre!

While she hopes for a return of her husband from the front, she solemnly deals with the mysterious illness of her two children who cannot be touched by direct sunlight. Are the recently hired helps a blessing or a curse? It's up to you to find out! 


The Others Cemavi Halloween Movie Picks

Nicole Kidman is outstanding as the lonely, lone mother in The Others.


3. Shutter (2004)

Everyone knows that the true masters of horror operate from the far East. Asian horror films are amongst the scariest and simply the best in the genre, as they always manage to find innovative ways to frighten the audience while often adding a surprising twist at the end!

While some of the most famous examples of Asian horror originate from the land of the rising sun, such as Ringu and Ju-on, our third pick is a Thai masterpiece from 2004. Shutter is clever, chilling and alarmingly real!

After a tragic accident, a young photographer and his girlfriend start to notice a dark shadow in their pictures. Where does this shadow come from, and what does it want? Is their a way to escape it? 

The Thai actors do a magnificent job at carrying the story and making it come to life in a believable fashion. Check this one out for a taste of true Asian horror, but make sure to bring your favorite fluffy buddy to squeeze tightly!


Shutter Cemavi Halloween Movie Picks

A mysterious shadow haunts every picture in Shutter. Is there a way to escape it? 


Honorable mention: Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari

As a personal favorite of ours, this last film stands out in many ways. It's a German black and white Expressionist film from the silent era, a true masterpiece of atmospheric horror.

The handpainted sets and scenery, created by Expressionist artists of the time, manage to create an exceptionally eery and mysterious atmosphere that'll haunt you for years to come!


Caligari Cemavi Halloween Movie Picks

              The mysterious Cesar wanders around crooked rooftops. Friend or Foe?                   


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Hopefully, our little list of films can entertain you and bring you and your loved ones a few hours of delightful scares. We wish you and your family a happy Halloween! Be safe and enjoy the holiday!

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