Powerful Color Combinations: Fiery Flame and Desert Blues



If there's one important element of interior design that we can't stress enough, it's choosing the right color scheme! After all, colors are emotions that we paint our homes with.They determine our frame of mind at home on a daily basis, as well as set our mood when we leave the house to face the world.

But how do you know the emotions that particular colors evoke for you? A simple and very effective trick to find out, is to gain inspiration from pictures of real life settings and objects that speak to you.

Here are two examples of how to use a real life setting as inspiration for your next color scheme.

Cemavi chevron red and black cushion covers


It's no wonder that Red, Orange, and Yellow are called warm colors. They are the colors of fire and the sun, of fury and fervor. We associate them with passion and desire, feelings that, not unlike fire, are hard to tame and contain.

In the example above, we introduce our Boracay Cushion Cover as it is complimented by our Sami Black and White and Adama Cushion Covers. The Red Count Cushion Cover provides a base for all other 3 designs to rest on.

Our Fiery Red Flame cushion combination is inspired by a burst of flame on a furnace. This color scheme is very strong on its own, but will also perform well as an accent to an otherwise blank canvas such as a white or natural colored sofa.

Cemavi Blue and Orange tribal geometric cushion covers


We decided to call this color scheme Desert Blues, as it reminded us of cool, lonesome evenings in the cold and deep southern deserts. Blue is a cool color that is sometimes associated with solitude, but it also conveys inner strength and stability.

Here, our Avalon cushion cover is paired with the Alon Orange and the Nautilus Navy throw pillow cases. The Diamant Autumn cover perfectly ties the set together as it picks up the colors of the other designs.

The color scheme is ideal for a tan or brown leather sofa. It's also best enjoyed with a bit of B.B. King music playing in the background for a relaxed night of solitary musing.


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